Installment Five (5)

Share the love. Thirty (30) silk-screened postcards, made by hand. Signed and numbered.

They have been sent to the first 30 people that emailed their postal addresses to us. There are no more left.

In order of appearance:
Tim Nolan, NY
Tara Gee, NJ
Brian Oliva, CO
Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn, Belgium
James Warfield, UK
Vasco Godinho, Portugal
Oliver Shaw, London
Pieter Snoeck, Germany
Torsten Bergler, Germany
Owen Buck, UK
Patrick O'brien, NY
Adrian Mcleland, NY
Michael Mcaghon, PA
Michael Thomas, London
Tiago Simões, Portugal
Erika Snell, OH
Eric Miro, NY
Joey Richey, NC
Brian D. Kelly, OH
Jerome Sullerot, France
Christian Walden, Germany
Jon Spooner, NYC
Rich Mains, NY
Claas Blüher, Germany
Joshua Davis, NY
Chris Hathway, UK
Raphael Campos Guimaraes, Brazil
Anna Arbuckle, NY
rizon, Belgium
Jan Schjetne, Norway